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Join my 1x hour online personal styling session and learn how to unearth your own personal, unique, sense of style (yes, you have one!) AND build a wardrobe that you love!  One that expresses your personality to the world without words, and makes you look and feel confident, everyday!

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I'm going to teach you my fashion is your F.R.I.E.N.D methodology to use to help you unleash your personal and unique sense of style. 


If you are a mum, than you probably find shopping for yourself very difficult. The key is to know which shops, and and what pieces suit your style and body shape. I'm going to teach you how to choose the stores for you and find the keepers on the go so you don't have to make a trip back to a store to return clothes you hoped you would love. This is how you will ...


JOIN NOW $47*limited spots available *

My style journey

I'm Amber, mum of two, blogger & personal stylist to the stars (mums!). This styling course was born out of my own experience of low self-esteem and using clothes as a way to rebuild my confidence, after becoming a mum!

After having my two girls, I experienced a long bout of post-partum depression without fully realising it formyself. It lasted years, and during this time I felt as though I lost a part of me.

Once I came out of my depressed state I remember looking into the mirror and not even recognising who I saw staring back at me. I was dressed in my grey Target maternity bra (you probably owned one) and my maternity denim shorts - both of which were too big for me but had become apart of my daily wardrobe. 

My hair was cut short into the mum bun and I was wearing bright yellow thongs. They were the only pair of day-to-day shoes I actually owned at the time.

"This isn't me" I thought to myself as I looked into the mirror. The woman I knew I was deep down was colourful, and free spirited. This woman I was looking at resembled "a sad neglected housewife'.

So I took myself on a personal style journey to re-discover my own personal style and build a wardrobe I truly loved. One I felt excited about everyday, and one that made me feel connected to me - Amber!  Not just a mother, but a femine gypsy, a creative, and an entrepreneur. This was the story I wanted my clothes to speak for me, without words.

I used the power of personal style to create a wardrobe which reflected the 'real me' to others without words. This has brought me a confidence that is priceless!

Now, I want to teach other women, espeically mothers, how you can use clothes connect to yourself again, to tell your story without words, and make you feel beautiful and confident, every single day!

JOIN NOW - $47* limited spots available *